24Hr Monitoring


We at ProVideo analyzed several 24-hour monitoring companies to determine which company would best serve our clients. With seasonal businesses along the southern New Jersey coastline that are hectic in summer and more quiet in winter, we needed to find a trustworthy company that would respond well to this kind of emergency fluctuation.

We chose COPS Monitoring because of its coverage ability as well as its solid 36-year reputation in the industry.

Here is why you should choose COPS Monitoring as well:

“Since 1978, we built our foundation on helping independent alarm dealers like you be more successful by providing the best alarm monitoring possible augmented by intuitive tools and value-added services to help you run your business. Just as much of your business is centered on field operations such as selling, installing, and maintaining alarm equipment, our business is exclusively focused on you and our products and services are all designed to help your company thrive.

Today, we monitor for over 3,500 independent alarm dealers and nearly 900,000 accounts from our five hot redundant and load sharing central stations in New Jersey, Florida, Arizona, Tennessee, and Texas. Our sixth central station in Maryland is DoD / UL2050 certified and currently operates autonomously, making COPS Monitoring one of the largest independently-owned wholesale alarm monitoring companies in the United States.”

From COPS Monitoring


Real-Time Comparison Demo Video (HD-SDI Camera vs IP Camera)